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We are Skilled Healthcare, LLC, a leading support services provider to the long term care profession. Through our administrative and support services network, we provide direct support to post-acute care facilities, assisted living facilities and hospice and home health care agencies. We also provide administrative and support services to Hallmark Rehabilitation, Inc.

Our philosophy is reflected in our Mission Statement:

'"To create a culture within and for our business affiliates that attracts and retains innovative, caring, and ethical personnel that provide quality clinical, rehabilitative, support, and administrative services for seniors."

Specific strategies we employ in supporting our business affiliates include:

  • Attract and hire the best management team in the profession to deliver the desired results
  • Dominate the Medicare/Managed Care market by focusing on a medical model/high acuity business model
  • Create better relationships for our affiliates than their competition in the communities they serve
  • Promote long-term care management indicator results as expectations that become as second nature to our operations support team and business affiliates.

We believe the words in our mission statement serve to shape our thinking and those that we support, focus our efforts and guide our behavior. It is a foundation for the company and a measuring tool for grading our success.

By following this principle and communicating it clearly to our employees and business affiliates, we believe it will leave no doubt what is most important to us:

Supporting Quality Patient Care

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